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Our Approach

Marvel Education provide traditional face-to-face tutoring in the home as well as a range of other services to support a student throughout their education. Specialist tutors also provide targeted support to groups within schools.

Whether you need support with bringing your child up to age related expectations, revising for exams, support with entrance exams, extending their learning or just to improve confidence, Marvel Education provides an individualised approach that helps get the most out of each student.


We support the development of reading, writing and maths at this stage. We have developed confidence and belief through ensuring the sessions are engaging and focused. Our tutors are able to adapt to the individual needs of the child to maintain a positive attitude towards their learning through each session and into school.


We offer a range of support throughout KS2. We support children working towards their SATs; using booster sessions for English, Maths and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. Additionally we support children throughout KS2 with their reading development, handwriting or support them with their homework. Our tutors work hard to engage with their students to develop their confidence.


Our expert tutors help identify and fill in gaps in student’s learning across the curriculum. Working towards GCSEs starts early and our tutors have helped keep students on track and given them the confidence and belief they needed to achieve their goals.

Next Steps…

If you feel you could benefit from using one of expert tutors, fill in one of enquiry forms and we’ll get back to you.