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Marvel Primary

Educational Support

Marvel Primary provide primary schools with qualified and experienced teachers to give educational support to pupils that need it most via in-school and after school interventions. We also provide afterschool clubs and wraparound care services to schools that require it.

Our Aim

We want to make a positive difference to bright young minds by improving the quality of interventions and extra-curricular clubs on offer at schools.

We do this by working closely with schools and class teachers, we plan and deliver educational programmes for identified groups of students to help develop confidence, increase understanding and improve overall ability.


Our experience lies within teaching in primary schools, so we are adept at responding to specific requirements of a school. Through on-going teacher assessment, some children are identified as having ‘gaps’ in their knowledge, some may require pre-teaching to access a new topic or unit, some may need general support in order to achieve their personal objectives or support to further their understanding to work at a greater depth. We work on their identified objectives in small groups or on a one-to-one basis to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding.

We provide detailed feedback to class teachers on a regular basis and to the children during each session. Regular, consistent feedback helps maintain the focus on achieving targets.

Afterschool Clubs

Afterschool clubs are an important part of the school day as they give children a chance to play, learn and socialise in different environments. They can also be used as a form of wraparound care put in place to support families. We always create an atmosphere of enjoyment and enthusiasm at our clubs, we believe it is vital as we see our clubs as an opportunity for children to learn life skills and extend knowledge taught in school.

Available Clubs 


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